Embedded Software Development Services

We build high-end software for microcontrollers and microprocessors using our extensive experience in embedded hardware design and development, and our skills in RTOS, Linux, Internet protocols, networking, security, and C/C++ programming languages. We help our clients to develop complete end-to-end solutions which involves conceptualization, prototyping, hardware testing, firmware development and testing, UAT and production. Our software satisfies the requirements for reliability and performance and adheres to strict certification and qualification standards.

Industries We serve

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial processes
  • Machine to Machine
  • Telecommunication
  • Consumer electronics
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Tracking and positioning
  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision

We usually classify our team based on expertise and skillset.

BSP / Drivers

  • Custom baords peripheral bringup
  • Drivers development for custom boards
  • Power optimization
  • Footprint optimizations and EMI/EMC issues
  • Linux device drivers for SoC and SBC's
  • Bootloader development and customization
  • Hardware Abstractions layers
  • FPGA's and hybrid cores drivers supports


  • Networking stacks integration [LwIP, TCP/IP, DHCP, IPV4/6, NAT, SSL, HTTP, Mqtt, CoAP etc]
  • Audio and video codec
  • Audio/Video signal processing
  • Wireless protocols or stack integrations for BLE, LTE, GSM, GPRS, LoraWAN, Zigbee, ESPNOW, UWB
  • AutoSAR, ADAS integrations and conformance
  • CAN , LIN, FlexRay etc. support and integrations of stacks
  • File system support like Little FS, FAT16, FAT32, MicroFAT etc.

Application / Firmware

  • Bare-metal applications
  • Real time applications using FreeRTOS, mbedOS, ThreadX, zephyrOS, QNX
  • linux based applications
  • Automotive applications like OBD, DAT, ADAS, load balancing and core speed/power optimization
  • Edge computing and DSP processing algorithms
  • Cloud integration like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
  • GUI design and development using QT

Robotics and Computer Vision
  • ROS, ROS2
  • Path planning and trajectory generation
  • Controller design, tuning and application
  • Image processing using OpenCV
  • GPU parallel processing using OPENCL, CUDA
  • Sensor fusion and consensus algorithm