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Top Web Development Trends of 2022 - Silicon Nexus

In 2002, Stuart Morris developed, the world’s first single-page web application. This inspired new ways of developing web pages and led to the creation of frameworks like Angular, Node, React, etc. New trends in web development have been introduced and there’s no sign of a slowdown in innovation.

Websites can be the most effective medium of communication. But keeping up with the latest trends and design styles is important in order to make your website look more attractive and engaging. Developers should keep up with the latest web development trends because they help them become more productive and faster when developing new websites. If you are one of them that want to learn the top web development trends of 2022 and try to keep reading this blog. We will discuss here the most upcoming trends of this year. 

  1. The Dark Mode Experience 

The dark mode has been gaining more popularity day by day. It will definitely be trending in the next few years.  The dark mode can be easily accessible and very catchy and easy on the eyes. It really does a great job during the daylight causing less strain on the eyes and becoming more comforting in use. Basically, the dark theme websites don’t need any brightness and reduce all the battery drainage.  This gives the stylish UI with all the appealing features. The different tech giants, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Reddit were the first few options for this, and it will be one of the top emerging technologies of 2022.


  1. Voice Search Optimization 

Voice recognition technology is very new in the market. The top tech startups Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft have launched their speakers in consideration of the evolution of this trend. Web developers have a great aim to develop websites that will work perfectly for the people with hearing and sight impairments. It is estimated that the market for the smart speakers will grow 21% making it up to 163 million units. The speech recognition with the different AI assistants Siri and Alexa has made this revolution possible. 

  1. Progressive Web Apps 

The progressive web apps are the advanced website technology used by the many well known companies. The progressive web apps trend is very popular due to the accessibility and the reliability and this can be accessed through any device from anywhere. You don’t have to download the separate mobile apps to access it. For example if you have come across the different Uber applications, the progressive web apps have been developed to grant a linear and smoothing experience. It allows the users to access all the features offline, and it’s becoming the top website design and  development trend in 2022. 


  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is becoming one of the emerging trends in 2022. The accelerated mobile pages ( AMP ) is to provide the users with a seamless experience to keep them bound with the website.  There are the different features in the open source plug-in, and it is recently developed by Google and twitter. These are the optimized pages that operate fast having a convenient basic design unlike the full scope web based software. These pages also reduce the costs on the UI/UX interface while increasing the reachability. 

  1. Single Page Application (SPA) 

The single page application website is becoming the latest website development trend. The 5G and the high internet speed also help to get rid of the server down pages from any click on the page.  JavaScript has led to the popularity of the single page web applications-like experience. The different pages including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps and the other social networking platforms like.g Facebook will continue and all the web applications are expected to transition. The single page web applications are more informative and keep the users engaged. The single page websites are well-equipped and can work easily without the server side codes that are infused with the  application programming interface (API). 

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbots 

The artificial intelligence ( AI)  chatbots in website design and development is becoming a top trend nowadays.  It may be expected that bots will become the self learner and will respond according to the user inquiry. The 24/7 bots will replace all the support managers that are going to save the company's cost of hiring the customer support team. The different tech giants Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype are already using the different chatbots and the many b2c companies are also using it. Basically, AI based bots have 24/7 problem-solving potential by having a human-like experience SO this trend will be one of the top web application trends because of increasing the popularity and the usability.

  1. Mobile First Development Approach 

The different user experience has proved to be the most significant aspect for the businesses to retain the customers and the visitors on the website. 85% of the customers return to the website if these are mobile friendly and optimized. Mobile phones are revolutionizing and transforming the way humans  live to run their daily life and interact with other peoples. The different people depend on technology and run their daily life errands so that’s why it is very important to think about the adaptability of web technologies for both the desktop and mobile. 


  1. Cybersecurity in Website Design and Development 

The cybersecurity in website design and development is becoming the top trend in 2022 and the future as well. The customers acknowledge  this emerging threat and want the companies to put the straight security measures in place to keep the personal information safe and secure.  The health, retail, and the fintech industry stores the sensitive and the personal information of the customers. They should definitely focus more on security measures to keep the data safe. The companies should focus on the different security features of their website and need to install the appropriate SSL certificate.


We at the silicon nexus have given you a brief guide on the top web development trends of 2022. With the top web development trends of 2022, it is important to stay ahead of the curve in order to succeed. You can contact us to get  website design and development services that will help you understand how your business can benefit from utilizing these technologies and what they mean for your bottom line. 

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